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We dive the best spots All Around Tenerife.

FlowState Divers

Sidemount Diving

Are you prepared to embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of sidemount diving? At FlowState Divers, our dedication to sidemount diving is not merely instructional; it's a way of life. We've meticulously crafted an exclusive and all-encompassing sidemount curriculum that stands as a testament to its uniqueness.

FlowState instructor sitting on a cliff with a sidemount harness on her back scouting the dive site.

Private Guided Dives

Are you a certified diver and looking for your next adventure ? We have packages for everyone from recreational holiday to technical divers, beginners to hardcore cave divers, so check out our catalogue and book your dive today!

FlowState Divers demonstrating one of the rescue skills during the rescue diver scuba course.

Personalised Courses

Are you looking for getting your first scuba certification or take a leap and achieve the next level in your diving career ? We offer uniquely designed courses that you won't find anywhere else on the island!

Training & Workshops

Our uniquely designed workshops are a great way to become an amazing diver by working on aspects of your skills and knowledge 1:1 with a highly qualified instructor.

Without a doubt, these guys are the best divers on the island, possessing unparalleled expertise.

Patrick D


Master Series

Introducing our Master Series on YouTube, a comprehensive collection of videos meticulously crafted to empower divers with the tools and knowledge they need to enhance their underwater skills. Whether you're an aspiring diver or a seasoned enthusiast, our Master Series is your gateway to honing your abilities beneath the surface. 

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