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What is FlowState Diving?

It is the optimal state of consciousness when submerged. We feel our best, and we perform our best. More specifically, it refers to those moments of rapt attention and total absorption when action awareness will start to merge, and your sense of self will vanish. You become one with the environment, the fear of the unknown fades, and the reward is priceless as it leads you to better mental and physical control of yourself beyond the feeling of exploring a whole new world.


Welcome to FlowState Diving.

Who Are We?

FlowState Divers is an association of dive professionals with a simple goal in mind - to provide individualised and adaptive training to those who are keen to reinvent themselves through the experience of entering the flow state of scuba diving. 


Our teaching methods and carefully crafted courses emphasise fundamental skill development from the get-go and provide increased attention to the needs of each individual; to ensure the quality of the diver by the end of their training program. 


Our diverse interests and background in scuba diving allowed us to combine the best aspects of cave and technical diving into our recreational programs; in an attempt to elevate the overall quality of our students without sacrificing the standards.


Essential skills, such as buoyancy and breathing control, trim, and propulsion techniques, are the cornerstones of all our courses; we also emphasise the development of a team-oriented mentality in diving.

We don’t sell certification cards. We create conscious divers.

Why Dive With Us?

Due to the fast-paced nature of modern consumer culture, the quality of beginner-level diving training has been drastically lowered on a global scale. Despite the completeness of dive training organisation standards and study materials, there is an ever-increasing number of freshly certified divers that possess suboptimal knowledge. Students receive training in large groups for the absolute minimum required course duration, getting certification cards regardless of their personal skill development.

The recognition of this problem is the driving force behind our initiative. We decided to take a radically different approach by designing more detailed and longer courses that are not transforming or changing the certifying agency standards but rather expanding upon certain aspects of it for the benefit of our students.

We understand that we all have different abilities; therefore, our courses only specify a minimum number of required days to conduct; but students can request additional sessions until they meet the performance requirements and can proudly call themselves a "FlowState Diver".

To guarantee that each student receives individual attention; our programs are limited to a maximum of 3 attendees throughout the course. This attitude makes the training more efficient and creates a personal atmosphere where all our students feel more comfortable.


During our programs, we provide top-of-the-line, hand-picked scuba gear for all attendees that far exceeds what most dive operators provide their students with; simply because we believe that diving with quality and correctly configured equipment is just as important as having the right education.

We are not associated with any scuba brands; therefore, we do not influence our customers in any way to purchase certain pieces of equipment, but we educate and help them make the right decisions that fit the individual best.

Private Guided Dives

At FlowState Divers, our top priority is the safety and welfare of our divers. In pursuit of this goal, we maintain small diving groups led by a single guide, with a maximum of three divers per group. This arrangement ensures vigilant supervision and mutual awareness during each diving session.


It's essential to emphasise that all our guided dives are meticulously crafted to provide personalized and exclusive experiences based on your level and interest. This approach guarantees that you won't be grouped with unfamiliar individuals at a dive site that doesn't align with your interests. As a result, your diving expedition remains secure and tailored uniquely to you, fostering a warm and cohesive ambience among all participants.

The Master Series™

We created a brand new series to help our divers understand crucial aspects of scuba skills. Our mission is crystal clear: With every episode, we're dedicated to equipping both beginners and experienced divers with the tools they need to master their scuba journey.


At FlowState Divers, we firmly believe that practice makes perfect. That's why we hone our skills with each and every dive. You don't have to dedicate an entire dive to skill-building, just a little practice on each dive goes a long way. 

We're your ultimate guides, breaking down complex skills into manageable bites and offering expert demonstrations, nifty tips and tricks that'll become your diving arsenal.

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Personalised Training

We offer personalised workshops focusing on a specific topic or skill. Our workshops are customised training sessions designed for recreational divers looking to advance their skills.


You'll work one-on-one with a highly experienced FlowState instructor who will evaluate your current abilities and pinpoint specific areas for improvement. The duration of the training will depend on your individual needs, and the cost is on a per-session basis. These workshops are an excellent way to continue diving education and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become a more proficient diver.

We believe in the power of video debriefing; therefore, we provide this option to all our students, and they can keep the materials for personal use after completing the program.




a sidemount diver riding a DPV
a flowstate instructor demonstrating perfect trim and buoyancy
two divers are riding a DPV underwater
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