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Cavern Diving

Cavern diving is a breathtaking experience because it allows divers to explore an entirely different underwater realm, which is unknown to many. Due to the volcanic landscape, Tenerife is a paradise for those who are enthusiastic about caverns and other intriguing geological formations that often provide habitats for an amazing array of marine life that's otherwise unseen in open water. 


​The island's volcanic origins have created incredible lava tubes that are home to a mixture of sea creatures, from great Atlantic rays to massive lobsters that thrive in these dark, sheltered surroundings. The dark and secluded environment also creates a sense of mystery and adventure that can be incredibly exciting. The unique geological features of caverns, such as intricate rock formations, crystal-clear water, and stunning lights, are remarkable visual experiences.


Unlike most dive operators around, we as a group of certified cave divers, understand the inherent risk of overhead diving, regardless of its difficulty. For that reason, we do not allow our divers anywhere near 'just a swim through' or otherwise easily accessible systems that pose a real risk for the untrained. To participate in these dives with us, you must be at least a cavern certified (any agencies), be a reasonably well rounded diver and feel confident using a reel and guidelines. Keep in mind that caverns become caves at night, so unless you are Full Cave certified, you will only be able to dive during the day. 

Dive Gear

We do provide absolutely the best quality equipment to all our diver included in the price. We have the highest quality BCD's and regulators available on today's market including brands such as Apeks & XDeep​. In addition to the apparent life support equipment, all divers - by local Spanish law - must carry a surface marker buoy (SMB), compass, and cutting device on every dive. In case you don't have your own, we will supply you with these, included in the price.

Free Pickup

For your convenience, we offer a pickup/drop-off service to your desired location free of charge around the south of the island. In case you are outside the free transport zone, we will calculate a fair price upfront, based on the mileage. We are enthusiastic about capturing photos and videos of all dives, and you can access these at no additional cost after your activity.







Cueva de los Cerebros

The sea cave of volcanic origin is located on the south of the island close to Abama Hotel, accessible from the shore. The dive itself starts from a sandy beach that belongs to a hotel, where we need to exit the confined water area, descend to around 10 meters of depth and carry on along the wall until finding the spacious entrance of the system at 12 meters. There is no permanent line installed inside so we tie off here in open water and use our primary reel to explore the cavern area of the system. The cave is often occupied by mating Atlantic rays and the resident giant lobsters that prefer to hide in the dark. The system itself is about 75 meters of linear penetration and some sections are off-limit to cavern divers.

Caverns of the South


Program Summary

• Approx. 85 minutes in-water

• ~4-5 hours of activity

• Pickup & Drop off to your preferred location

• Max 3 divers / guide

Had the best guided cavern dive today! Staff is properly trained (full cave), uses the proper equipment AND is following all procedures for this type of dive. I am very impressed, no corners are cut. Thanks you for the great morning and afternoon!!

Remco Van Hal

Cavern Dive


Babett has an extreme passion for exploring underwater and meeting all the creatures living in the ocean. She's the ideal buddy, as she is very caring and thoughtful, always paying attention to her fellow divers.

Diving with Babett is a laid-back and enjoyable experience from beginning to end. Not to mention her keen eye for spotting all the elusive creatures you don't want to miss. She'll make sure that you won't miss any of the mesmerizing marine life. She loves videography, so she will definitely capture some cool videos of you while diving.


Peter's passion for cave and technical diving makes him the perfect dive buddy, not just his dedication to safety but his ability to challenge your skills and increase your awareness. It's almost guaranteed that with Peter as your guide, you will have an outstanding dive and gain valuable knowledge.


He is always eager to dive into any dark environment, leads night dives, and takes you on tours of the lava tubes and caverns. He's also an enthusiastic photographer who captures stunning shots, ensuring you have memories to cherish.





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