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Created for divers interested in either embarking on the path of technical diving or seeking safer and more extended dive experiences on a recreational level, this course is suitable for anyone looking to explore the advantages of utilising double tank configurations.

If you're contemplating a move into technical diving but are uncertain about committing to the Intro to Tec course, and you'd like to experience diving with doubles beforehand, taking this class is an excellent option. Alternatively, if your goal is to extend your recreational dives while emphasising safety through the use of double tanks, this course is the perfect choice.


At FlowState Divers, we proudly stand apart as an elite group of dive professionals with extensive backgrounds in Cave and Technical diving. What sets us apart from the rest is our unique approach; we don't just teach, we dive as we teach. Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to be the best of the best in the diving world. When you train with us, you're not just learning the skills; you're embarking on a journey to exceed industry standards. Our students emerge from our programs as self-aware and utterly badass divers, well-prepared to explore the underwater world with confidence and expertise.

Doubles Mini

The Doubles mini training is designed to introduce and train divers in the use of the double tank back mount configuration. Double tanks, also known as "Doubles" or “Twinset” offer an advantage over single tanks by providing complete redundancy and larger gas volumes. However, balancing and trimming doubles can pose a challenge due to the additional cylinder and gear. As doubles feature two valves, two first stages, and a manifold, it is essential for the diver to possess a comprehensive understanding of the individual workings of each valve, as well as how they collectively function in the system, to ensure safe diving with the equipment.


Throughout the academic segment of this course, divers acquire knowledge about the principles of Double Tank Diving, appropriate weighting, the types, functions, and purposes of isolatable manifolds, as well as normal and emergency procedures.


During the land drills divers receive instruction regarding the setup, configuration, care and maintenance of the back mount system. They engage in valve drills, and explore various scenarios by simulating the “9 failures”.


Throughout two in-water sessions, divers, in collaboration with the instructor, have the time and opportunity to properly adjust their weighting and trim, engage in valve drills, and successfully fulfil the necessary tasks for certification.


• Minimum age of 18

• Certified as at least a UTD Recreational 2 (Advanced Diver) or equivalent


• Maximum depth: 18m

• Standard gas is Air (21% O2)

• No stage decompression

• No overhead environments

• All dives are to maintain a working PO2 of no greater than 1.4


• Completed UTD registration process

• Completed online classroom materials

• The use of prescription drugs must be authorised prior to the onset of diver training by a physician





MAX. 18M


What You Learn

• UTD/DIR Philosophy & Twinset Equipment Configuration

• Proper weighting and trim using doubles

• Care & Maintenance of the Back mount system

• Purposes & functions of isolatable manifolds

• Valve drills & possible failures

What You Earn

✓ UTD Doubles Mini certification

✓ Confidence & Knowledge

✓ Foundational Skills using doubles

✓ FlowState Membership

✓ Continuous education at discounted prices

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Master Series

Introducing our Master Series on YouTube, a comprehensive collection of videos meticulously crafted to empower divers with the tools and knowledge they need to enhance their underwater skills. Whether you're an aspiring diver or a seasoned enthusiast, our Master Series is your gateway to honing your abilities beneath the surface. 




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