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The Essentials of Technical Diving is where students receive the foundation of UTD/DIR philosophy, configuration, and in-water skills. The class is designed for any diver that wants to learn about the benefits of UTD and apply them to their diving. The class is not only geared toward the beginner tech diver, but even seasoned veteran tech divers have found that by incorporating UTD principles into their diving practices, they increase both safety and fun.
Photographers and videographers will especially appreciate the detailed training in propulsion & precision buoyancy control that assists you in getting that perfect shot! Instructors will appreciate the “fresh look” at diver training and skill development. This is a great first step towards learning and understanding the Unified Team Diving approach.


Regardless of your experience level, UTD philosophy allows you to grow as a diver. Some divers are eager to begin incorporating the increased skill and academic demands of UTD but do not have the desire to become deep technical divers. This class is tailor made for aspiring recreational divers who wants to know what skills they need to work on, or for the diver new to UTD who wants to learn more without the burden of passing a class. This class serves as an excellent introduction to UTD Technical classes, and is perfect for someone who wants to start in technical diving.


At FlowState Divers, we proudly stand apart as an elite group of dive professionals with extensive backgrounds in Cave and Technical diving. What sets us apart from the rest is our unique approach; we don't just teach, we teach as we dive. Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to be the best of the best in the diving world. When you train with us, you're not just learning the skills; you're embarking on a journey to exceed industry standards. Our students emerge from our programs as self-aware and utterly badass divers, well-prepared to explore the underwater world with confidence and expertise.


The UTD Essentials of Technical Diving course serves as an entry point for technical courses. This program offer divers the opportunity to acquire the essential diving skills required to engage in collaborative team diving and maintain safety and control while underwater, adhering to the DIR philosophy of being a "thinking diver."

The course commences with a focus on proper breathing, which is the foundation for achieving buoyancy control. Achieving precise buoyancy, along with a streamlined horizontal body position, is the hallmark of a skilled Scuba Diver, symbolizing mastery of water control. As you progress, you'll learn to effortlessly maintain your position in the water, which sets the stage for the acquisition of additional skills. These include mastering five distinct kicks (frog-kick, modified frog-kick, modified flutter-kick, helicopter turn, and back-kick) that minimise sediment disturbance and enhance your control for both forward and backward movements. The curriculum also covers advanced techniques such as proper air-sharing procedures known as S-drills, team protocols, the utilisation of Surface Marker Buoys (SMBs), comprehensive gas planning, and proper ascent strategies. Additionally, you will delve into the intricacies of managing a twinset, including the Valve Drill and the rationale behind regulator configurations. The course also addresses working with a stage/deco cylinder.

If you have an interest in acquiring these skills but aren't yet inclined toward technical diving, the Essentials of Rec program is a suitable alternative. Importantly, you can seamlessly transition from Rec to Tech without starting over.

The Essentials of Technical Diving is typically conducted in open water at depths of 6-10 meters. This personalized class equips you to venture into technical depths by enhancing your mastery of buoyancy, trim, and propulsion. It also introduces more advanced air-sharing techniques and deco bottle handling protocols, along with complex gas planning and ascent strategies.

Overall, the Essentials of Technical Diving acts as a vital link between traditional training and the more rigorous technical curriculum offered by UTD. Its primary goal is to develop you into a "Thinking Diver," whether you plan to pursue further tech training or simply aspire to become a highly skilled recreational diver. If the Essentials of Tech incorporates Nitrox academics, it includes a Nitrox certification allowing you to dive to a maximum depth of 18 meters.


• Minimum age of 18 years of age.

• UTD Recreational Diver 2 (Advanced Diver) or equivalent.

• Minimum of 50 dives beyond open water certification, 25 of which must be non-training dives.


• Maximum depth is 18m

• Standard gas is Air (21% O2)

• No stage decompression

• No overhead environments


• Completed UTD registration process

• Complete the Essentials of Tech eLearning

• The use of prescription drugs must be authorised prior to the onset of diver training by a physician

• All participants must be able to swim a distance of at least 15m on a breath hold or demonstrate an air share swim where OOA diver swims at least 15m to the donating diver.

• All participants must tow a diver in full equipment, in the environment they will be diving in for 10 minutes.

• All participants must demonstrate the rescue of a diver simulating oxygen toxicity.





MAX. 18M


What You Learn

• UTD/DIR Philosophy & Equipment Configuration

• Correct Buoyancy control, Trim and Propulsion techniques

• Extensive Dive Planning & Execution

• Stage/Deco bottle handling

• Underwater Problem Solving

What You Earn

✓ UTD Essentials of Tech certification

✓ Confidence & Knowledge

✓ Exceptional foundational skills

✓ FlowState Membership

✓ Continuous education at discounted prices

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Master Series

Introducing our Master Series on YouTube, a comprehensive collection of videos meticulously crafted to empower divers with the tools and knowledge they need to enhance their underwater skills. Whether you're an aspiring diver or a seasoned enthusiast, our Master Series is your gateway to honing your abilities beneath the surface. 




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