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Program Summary

• In-person or online assessment

• Fully personalised, private training

• Approx. 110 minutes in-water

• Approx. 6 hours activity a day

Fundamental Workshop

Are you already a certified recreational diver and have noticed some aspects of diving that make you feel uneasy underwater, or do you think something is preventing you from performing at the level you desire? Congratulations! You are on the right track to becoming a better diver!


At this point, you might not be able to identify the root cause, or you already know you need improvement in your buoyancy, underwater awareness, stress management, academic knowledge, or anything else; this program will help you to achieve your goals!


The main areas we’re focusing on are the ones people usually have difficulty with, such as:

  • Propulsion techniques

  • Diver’s trim and body position

  • Buoyancy control & breathing 

  • Correct weighting

  • Task loading and problem-solving 

  • Team diving mentality

  • Situational awareness

If you have issues with anything not mentioned above, just let us know, and we will work on those.

Our workshops are fully personalised/private training sessions aimed at recreational divers, spent 1:1 with a highly experienced FlowState instructor to take you to the next level! We start with an assessment to get a feel for your current skill level and identify potential areas to improve. 


Since the duration of the required training cannot be generalised, we will advise you after the initial assessment; therefore, the price of this program is indicated per session which involves two dives.

The Assessment Process

In case you are unsure or cannot pinpoint the issue you would like us to work on, we can take you on a guided dive and put you through certain situations that will surely reveal problems so we can take it from there.

Personalised Training

Once we have identified your needs, we will get to work! In many cases, we will conduct land sessions in addition to the in-water skills training followed by thorough video debriefing after every dive. This workshop session will not result in a certification, but it will provide you with valuable new skills, more experience and knowledge that will help you become the best version of yourself, and an excellent diver.

If you frequently dive with the same partner; we can also arrange sessions for pairs, providing the option of completing the workshops with your regular dive buddy. In this case, you will do the training 2:1 with one of our instructors.







During the three days we spent underwater we worked on correcting all my bad habits and boy there are a lot. On a positive note, never having been able to back kick gave me a clean slate to start from. I can say that in 1h and 30 minutes I went from not being able to go backwards to go back 10 meters or more almost effortlessly.

Roberto P.


Master Series

Introducing our Master Series on YouTube, a comprehensive collection of videos meticulously crafted to empower divers with the tools and knowledge they need to enhance their underwater skills. Whether you're an aspiring diver or a seasoned enthusiast, our Master Series is your gateway to honing your abilities beneath the surface. 





a sidemount diver is riding a divers propulsion vehicle
a flowstate instructor is demonstrating perfect trim and buoyancy
two divers are riding a DPV underwater
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