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Adopt The Blue - Protect What You Love

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our very first dive site adoption! We've chosen none other than the magnificent El Balito, nestled in the south of Tenerife – a true gem and one of our absolute favourite dive spots.

We visit this stunning dive site regularly, and now, it holds an even more special place in our hearts as we take on the responsibility to protect and preserve its underwater wonders. Join us in this fantastic endeavour, as we embark on a journey of conservation and appreciation for the marine world we adore!

Guarding Oceans, Empowering Change

Ocean pollution is a pressing global issue that poses significant threats to marine ecosystems and biodiversity. With an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic entering the oceans each year, marine life is increasingly endangered by ingestion, entanglement, and habitat degradation. Establishing marine protected areas (MPAs) is crucial in safeguarding marine habitats, allowing ecosystems to recover and thrive. MPAs not only protect vulnerable species but also enhance fish stocks, supporting the livelihoods of millions of people who depend on healthy oceans for sustenance and income.

However, individual action is equally vital in combating ocean pollution and supporting MPA initiatives.

Simple actions such as reducing plastic consumption, participating in beach clean-ups, and supporting sustainable fishing practices can collectively make a significant difference in preserving our oceans for future generations. Empowering individuals to become stewards of the sea fosters a deeper appreciation for marine life and reinforces the urgency of protecting these invaluable ecosystems.

By combining concerted efforts on local, national, and global scales, we can address ocean pollution, promote the establishment of more MPAs, and ensure the long-term health of our precious marine environments.

What is Adopt The Blue?

The world’s largest network of underwater sites for conservation action.

PADI’s global network of 6,600 dive centres and resorts and more than 128,000 professional members worldwide will provide the backbone for Adopt The Blue.

They will provide unprecedented scale and unmatched potential for participants to take direct action that will drive measurable conservation impact.

Adopt the Blue provides multiple pathways for PADI operators, professionals, divers and other ocean enthusiasts to get actively involved in conservation at both the local and global levels. PADI amplifies conservation efforts through cross-channel marketing, community grants, storytelling and strategic partnerships.

Local Action

  • Participate in underwater citizen science

  • Lobby and advocate for local governments

  • Support in-country projects and campaigns

  • Volunteer for conservation events

Global Impact

  • Network of 10,000 sites

  • Ability to scale conservation work

  • An economic voice at the international table

  • Driven by a global movement of divers

The program’s primary goal is to accelerate the pathway to MPA status at sites that are relevant for protection and conservation. There are many other goals in the program, but we aim to achieve the final goal of having 30% of the ocean's coastal areas protected as MPAs by 2030.

Any PADI Dive Centre, Resort or Professional can join the network now, it only takes a few minutes on the PADI AWARE App - Currently in English only

Discover all the details and become a part of this incredible initiative:

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