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Unleash Your Potential: Master Doubles with FlowState Divers / UTD Mini Course!

Ready to expand your underwater playground without exceeding your certification limits? FlowState Divers is excited to announce the UTD Doubles Mini Course, designed to confidently introduce you to the world of double tank redundancy within the boundaries of your current diving qualification.

Think longer bottom times, more relaxed exploring, and a heightened sense of security. Doubles unlock a realm of possibilities without pushing you beyond your safe diving zone. We've got you covered!


  • Demystifying doubles: Gain thorough knowledge of twinset systems, including valves, regulators, manifolds, and more.

  • Effortless underwater flow: Master correct weighting and trim with doubles, achieving graceful movements and efficient navigation.

  • Real-world readiness: Practice essential skills on land with engaging drills, learning to handle valves and tackle emergency procedures with confidence.

  • Confident in-water experience: Put your training to the test in two controlled dives, guided by our expert instructors.

By the end of this course, you'll be certified and equipped to enjoy the benefits of doubles within your safe diving limits.

This course is ideal for:

  • Open water divers eager to extend their dive times and explore further.

  • Tech divers seeking a refresher or advancement of their current skillsets.

  • Enthusiastic divers who want to experience the security and freedom of doubles.

Remember: Doubles are powerful tools, but respecting your current certification is key. This course ensures you master doubles safely and responsibly, maximizing your enjoyment within your limits.

Ready to elevate your diving experience? 

Sign up for the UTD Doubles Mini Course today and unlock a world of safe, extended dives!



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