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sidemount diving equipment laying on the beach.

Pre-Dive Session

Due to the fact that you will be diving with a system you haven't tried before, there are some basics we need to go through. You will get a quick intro on how this setup fundamentally works, gas management practices, correct weighting and do the size adjustments of your harness. After going through the emergency procedures, we hit the water! The pre-dive session usually takes ~1-2hours, depending on how quickly you pick up all the new information.

a scuba diver is sidemount diving and demonstrates great trim on her first try

The Dive

This is where the fun begins! At the beginning of the dive, we will start with weight and trim check. Once you are set we will start exploring the dive site. The goal is to stay shallow and maximise your bottom time so you can truly enjoy the experience therefore, the maximum depth is 12 meters on this program. We will also introduce you to basic skills via fun exercises so you can get a feel for it. The usual dive time is around 80 minutes. As always, we will provide you with some videos at the end of the dive.


Program Summary

• Approx. 80 minutes in-water / dive

• ~4-5 hours of activity

• Pickup & Drop off to your preferred location

• 1:1 private session

Try Sidemount

It all started with the cave diving community, where divers needed a way to navigate through tight spaces and to have a streamlined profile. Sidemount configuration allows the tanks to be worn along the sides of the diver's body rather than on their back, making it easier to navigate through narrow passageways. Fast forwarding 20 odd years, the use of sidemount configuration made its way to mainstream recreational diving and many divers started to feel increasingly enthusiastic about the freedom and versatility that it provides. 


You don’t need to have cave or technical diving aspirations to enjoy this type of diving; in fact, we encourage all divers that are keen to broaden their horizons to give it a try; you will likely never look back to your back-mounted set! 


This half-a-day program, is designed to give you the opportunity to experience an extended adventure dive and discover what you have been missing until now. It’s strictly a 1:1 session with your instructor so we can guarantee the required attention you need, considering there are a lot of new things you going to learn about.

Why Sidemount with Us?

At FlowState Divers we are dedicated to the art of sidemount diving done "properly", which requires more than just attaching the tanks to one's side. We possess a deep understanding of this technique and have extensive experience diving exclusively on this setup, in caves and other environments. Our proficiency likely unmatched on the island of Tenerife in terms of diving in this configuration.


We do provide all necessary equipment included in the price, you will only have to show up and get wet.







Master Series

Introducing our Master Series on YouTube, a comprehensive collection of videos meticulously crafted to empower divers with the tools and knowledge they need to enhance their underwater skills. Whether you're an aspiring diver or a seasoned enthusiast, our Master Series is your gateway to honing your abilities beneath the surface. 




a diver using a propulsion vehicle is going through a water column in sidemount configuration
a FlowState instructor demonstrates perfect body position and bouyancy
two divers are riding a DPV
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