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FlowState Divers Now Offering UTD Training!

Are you ready to dive into a new era of underwater exploration? Get your fins ready, because FlowState Divers is thrilled to announce an exciting addition to our services – UTD (Unified Team Diving) training! We are the pioneers in Tenerife, offering courses that will transform you into a masterful diver.

It's often said that: "You can always spot a UTD Diver!" Now, let's dive deep into what sets a UTD Diver apart from the rest of the underwater world...

The UTD Difference: Elevating Diving Skills to Unprecedented Heights

Unified Team Diving isn't just another diving course; it's a complete transformation of how you approach scuba diving. Picture yourself with unparalleled personal skills, a heightened sense of situational awareness, and a unified mindset focused on teamwork. You become the star player in a "thinking dive team."

UTD's origins trace back to the Hogarthian/DIR system, a minimalist approach to gear configuration developed in the early '90s. It advocated that every diver should configure their own way. Later, DIR built upon this foundation, introducing a level of standardization in the late '90s and beyond, primarily due to expansive projects like the Wakulla Karst Plain project.

However, while DIR offered excellent standardization for open-circuit, back-mounted, double tanks with stage and deco bottles, it somewhat limited the "tool set" available for divers. If your diving preferences deviated from this configuration, such as using a single tank, side-mount, or rebreather, you often found yourself excluded or struggling to cobble together a working system.

In 2008, UTD took a bold step in a unique direction, breaking free from the "cobbled" concept. Building on their rich heritage from the previous 13 years of Hogarthian and DIR diving, UTD evolved the system into the next generation, introducing "Unification." The mission was clear: maintain standardization and minimalism while expanding the "tool set" to embrace open-circuit back-mount (DIR), side-mount, and closed-circuit rebreather systems.

Their goal was ambitious but groundbreaking - to unify these three different configurations into a single system that remained consistent, scalable, and interchangeable. The objective was to drive the industry forward by being inclusive rather than exclusive, all while preserving the minimalist ethos.

The UTD Revolution: Dive as One, Explore the World Together

This unique approach to combining these systems not only opens doors to new diving horizons but also allows for seamless "mixed" team diving. Whether you prefer the classic DIR setup, the flexibility of side-mount, or the advanced technology of a closed circuit rebreather, UTD provides a platform for divers of all backgrounds to unite and explore the underwater world together.

At FlowState Divers, we're thrilled to be at the forefront of this revolution in scuba diving. With our newly introduced UTD training courses, we're offering enthusiasts the chance to experience a whole new level of diving. Dive as one, and explore the world together - this is the essence of UTD, and it's now available in Tenerife through FlowState Divers.

Are you ready to embrace the UTD difference and take your diving skills to the next level? Join us at FlowState Divers, and let's embark on an underwater adventure like no other. Become a UTD Diver and be part of the future of diving. It's time to dive as one, explore the world together, and experience the magic of Unified Team Diving.

To stay in the loop with all the exhilarating UTD courses we have in store for you, make sure to keep an eye on our website! We'll soon be showcasing all the new training opportunities we're offering. In the meantime, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to receive updates, exclusive offers, and thrilling diving insights directly in your inbox. Dive into the future with FlowState Divers, where the underwater world is your playground, and unity is the name of the game. Stay tuned for an extraordinary journey beneath the waves!



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